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MedEntry not only helps more students pass their exams than any other HPAT organisation; it also helps students exceed their expectations with higher scores and entry into better schools.

That’s why MedEntry has received more than 4,000 five-star reviews globally and an average rating of 5. Many students go to the extra effort to create testimonials that give prospective students the best possible understanding of why MedEntry is so successful.

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David Joyce

For anyone considering taking the HPAT I would highly recommend MedEntry. The two day course is the best stepping stone for getting started with HPAT preparation. The instructors are knowledgable, well-informed and make the course enjoyable. I would also recommend MedEntry because of their LMS. It is the best way to prepare for the HPAT. It has practice tests, excercises and guides which all aid in preparing for the exam. I would definitely recommend MedEntry to all aspiring doctors.

Ronan O Kelly

Medentry was a great resource in my preparation for the HPAT. It was by far the most beneficial experience I had and no doubt helped me achieve the score I did. Would definitely recommend it.

harry happonen

MedEntry are undoubtedly the sole reason that I will be studying Medicine at UCD next year. Without a doubt, the two days intensive work alongside the online work provided was the biggest contributor to my success.

Cal Franklin

I would highly recommend the MedEntry HPAT prep course. There is an endless supply of practice questions and more than enough exams to see you through your preparation. The two day seminar and LMS are a brilliant combination which really gave me an edge on the day of the exam. All in all Med Entry certainly deliver on their promise to give you some of the best tools available to develop your ability to succeed in the HPAT.

Sean Murray

MedEntry was a brilliant resource for preparing for the HPAT. I did the HPAT twice, the first time I used other preparation material and I just missed out on a place in Medicine. This year I used MedEntry and thankfully, I improved massively and I know I will get a place this year! It's a really difficult exam and I could not recommend MedEntry's course more . The online resources are excellent and you will not find better material anywhere else. The MedEntry team provide great assistance and will answer any questions you have.

Katelyn Reilly

The workshop was thoroughly enjoyable and absolutely worthwhile! Dr Ann is such a fantastic speaker and imparted so much knowledge and experience about both HPAT and its relevance in the broader medical scene. It is such a confidence boost and really changed my attitude towards HPAT. Definitely recommend.

Alex Chapman

I would strongly recommend taking this HPAT prep course. Initially, I looked at the HPAT as a massive obstacle that I wouldn?t be able to get over but after doing the workshop my mindset has changed completely!!! Thank you Dr.Ann!!

Michael Reilly

Dr Ann has an immense knowledge of the HPAT and how it works. I could not recommend the MedEntry two day workshop more. She provides you with all the tools you need to succeed in the HPAT and you come away feeling extremely motivated to achieve a great result.

Katie Doyle

Dr.Ann was beyond helpful, enthusiastic and passionate about HPAT and instills confidence in her students to her greatest ability. She focuses on key areas and prescribes great resources and guides to HPAT success. With her assistance and intelligent guidance, she makes the world of medicine achievable and tangible for everyone.

Emilie Oudart

I chose MedEntry because they are respected, experienced and genuinely committed to helping HPAT students. MedEntry provided excellent HPAT preparation - from practice questions and exams to practical information and support. The online learning system gives you access to hundreds of questions similar to those on the actual HPAT exam. The two-day course was particularly helpful in offering the opportunity to speak to members of the team and former students, while also providing an opportunity to meet other HPAT students and discuss the exam. I can't thank the MedEntry team enough for all the help in preparing for this exam and highly recommend them to any prospective HPAT students.

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For students at the beginning of their HPAT preparation, these enthusiastic testimonials provide an amazing insight into the challenges ahead. They also introduce prospective students to the incredible tools, strategies and guidance MedEntry provides.


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