Maximising Your HPAT Score

What HPAT strategies will boost my HPAT score?

There are some HPAT strategies that can be applied to many HPAT questions. Applying these strategies can help maximise your score. These strategies include:

  • Process of elimination
  • Looking for shortcuts
  • Making educated guesses
  • Knowing when to move on

These strategies and many others are discussed in detail in the MedEntry HPAT Courses.

What else can I do to maximise my HPAT score?

HPAT is a very difficult exam. If you are not used to concentrating intensely for long periods you will struggle on the day of the exam. You will need to be able to work fast, stay focused and remain calm during the exam. The following will help:

  • Practice speed reading
  • Read widely and critically
  • Develop stamina, concentration and focus
  • Develop stress management techniques

These skills are covered in detail in the MedEntry HPAT Courses.

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