HPAT Results

How is HPAT scored?

The three HPAT sections are weighted as follows:

  • Section 1 - 40%
  • Section 2 - 40%
  • Section 3 - 20%

You will receive a scaled score for each section, ranging from 0 to 100. Scaled scores are derived from your raw scores (the number of questions you got right) using statistical methods which are not released publicly by ACER.

Scaled scores for each section are then weighted and combined to form an overall score. The maximum overall score possible in HPAT is 300, however, only the top 1% of students obtain scores above 200. That is, it is very difficult to obtain an overall score of over 200. The highest HPAT score obtained last year was 224 (achieved by a MedEntry student).

Overall scores are also converted into a percentile rank which shows candidates how they performed in relation to the rest of the HPAT cohort. For example, a percentile of 80 means that the student performed better than 80% of candidates, and 20% of candidates performed better than them.

This is an example of a HPAT Statement of Results , which was the highest score in the country last year (achieved by a MedEntry student):


How are points calculated for medicine?

Places for medicine are allocated based on a combination of your HPAT-Ireland score and adjusted Leaving Certificate points.

Your leaving certificate points are adjusted if you score above 550. Every 5 points scored above 550 is adjusted down to 1 point, as outlined in the following table:

LCE Points Adjusted LCE Points
Up to 550 No change
551-555 551
556-560 552
561-565 553
566-570 554
571-575 555
576-580 556
581-585 557
586-590 558
591-595 559
596-600 560
601-605 561
606-610 562
611-615 563
616-620 564
621-625 565

What are the minimum points required for medicine?

Students must obtain a minimum of 480 leaving cert points to get into medicine. However, realistically most students will need to achieve over 500-520 leaving cert points to be competitive for a place in medical school. Students must also meet the minimum subject requirements for the medical school(s) to which they have applied. These must both be achieved in the same sitting of the Irish leaving cert or equivalent.

The following table displays the minimum subject requirements for each medical school:


The minimum points needed to obtain entry into Undergraduate Medicine last year are given below. These points are a combination of HPAT-Ireland score and adjusted leaving cert points.

College Minimum Points
University College Dublin 736
Trinity College Dublin 741
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland 734
University College Cork 732
National University of Ireland, Galway 729

Last year, you would have needed an overall score of 737 to guarantee a place in medicine in Ireland.

The maximum HPAT score possible is 300 and the maximum adjusted Leaving Certificate points is 565, therefore, for CAO applicants to Medicine, the maximum achievable score is 865. Note that this is theoretical, as it is extremely difficult to score over 200 points in HPAT-Ireland. Since the introduction of HPAT in 2009, the highest HPAT score MedEntry has ever seen is around 260.

What HPAT score do I need to obtain to get into medicine?

The HPAT score you need to get into medicine depends on your leaving certificate points and how you perform in relation to other HPAT candidates. In general, most students need at least 80-85th percentile to get into medicine.

Try our HPAT Score and Leaving Cert Points Calculator

Here are some examples of the HPAT scores required for various leaving cert points:

Leaving Certificate points: 625
Adjusted points: 565
HPAT score required last year: 172

Leaving Certificate: 560
Leaving Certificate: 560
HPAT score required last year: 185

Leaving Certificate points: 480
Adjusted points: 480
HPAT score required last year: 257

When are HPAT scores released?

HPAT scores are released in late June each year. Applicants to the University of Limerick and mature applicants will receive their results in late April.

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