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The HPAT is the most difficult challenge you’ll face on your path to a career in medicine. To master it, you need more than sample questions and practice exams. You need to be trained and challenged.

MedEntry’s Online Platform is the World's most advanced HPAT preparation tool. Developed by our dedicated team of software programmers and HPAT experts, this unique software is your personal HPAT coach. The MedEntry Online Platform analyses, guides and develops your performance until you’re 100% confident in your ability to ace the HPAT.

  • 15,000 quality questions
  • 15+ updated practice exams
  • Structured curriculum with video instruction
  • Interactive study calendar with reminders
  • Personalised progress tracking and predicted scores
  • Smartphone App allowing preparation any time, any place
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More Questions, Higher Quality

Practice in a replica of the HPAT environment with more than 15,000 high-quality questions created and curated by experts and psychometricians.

Interactive Video Guides And Skills Trainers

Develop skills in speed reading, diagram analysis, mental arithmetic and pattern recognition. With MedEntry’s video guides and skills trainers, you will become an expert in every subtest.

Your Personal AI Coach

Our AI technology sets the agenda, tracks your progress and identifies your weaknesses. You’ll automatically be directed to resources that will develop your skills and dramatically improve your scores.

Gamified And Fun

Develop friendly rivalries, challenge your friends and climb the leaderboards. The Online Platform compares results and turns HPAT preparation into an enjoyable competition.

Can You Find Another Training Tool With This Many Features?

Sharpen your UCAT skills anywhere
and any time with the MedEntry App!

Improve your speed, complete drills and enjoy competitive games that will make your HPAT preparation fun. Whether on the bus or waiting for a class, turn a few spare minutes into an opportunity to boost your HPAT score.

The MedEntry App is like having the Online Learning Platform in your pocket. Quickly access skills trainers, drills and a massive HPAT Question Bank. Don’t kill time. Use every minute to develop your skills and aim for the top percentile.

  • Designed and developed by our team of programmers and HPAT experts
  • Includes every feature from the Online Learning Platform
  • Links seamlessly with your data from the Online Learning Platform
  • Works on Android and iOS mobiles and tablets

We’ve designed the MedEntry App to give you 24-7 access to the most powerful online HPAT preparation tools. Take every opportunity to excel. Develop your HPAT strategy and skills on the go with the world’s only HPAT preparation app.

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reviews globally


Find any educational institution with higher rated and more reviews than MedEntry, and we will offer our Premium Package absolutely free.

Thomas Twohill

All of MedEntry's practice exams were so similar to the real questions in the HPAT - much more accurate than any of the other courses I had tried before getting MedEntry

Rachael O Toole

MedEntry was by far the most helpful HPAT preparation course I attended. The online resources were amazing and very flexible to use, I could practice a drill if I had a spare fifteen minutes or a full exam if I had a full two and a half hours. Thanks to MedEntry I got a HPAT score better than I could have hoped for and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to study medicine.

Una Marie

Med entry was the best help I could ask for. I am not naturally amongst the best at the hpat but with the tons of notes and practise exams from med entry I was able to achieve above and beyond what id ever dreamed of scoring in the hpat! I would highly recommend it to anyone who is planing to sit the hpat.

Brian Fox

I found MedEntry to be the perfect resource to help me prepare for the HPAT. It dramatically improved my score from previous attempts. I found the sample test papers especially useful not only in teaching me the content of the exam but also for teaching me how to approach each question and how to manage my time throughout exam.

Sarah Freeley

Medentry was absolutely fantastic and I cannot recommend their services highly enough. The online HPAT content is superb, as is their customer service. I definitely could not have done so well in the HPAT without their help.

Joe Kelly

Excellent preparation material for the HPAT exam. Very accessible and convenient for studying. Different question types broken down into different sections which allow you to target and focus more on your weaker areas. In addition it is very easy to track your progress and what drills you have completed. Questions are also very similar to actual exam which gave me confidence going into the real thing. Overall a brilliant and extremely beneficial service.

Sara Murtagh

The Medentry Hpat Preparation was an invaluable resource in preparing for the hpat. The team were all very helpful and informative. The online lms resources were a great tool in practicing and learning the most effective way to handle each question type. Drills are a great way to keep up a skill level.

Renukadevi Chintapalli

Medentry was an excellent preparation course with the highest standard of questions that both challenged and made me well equipped to tackle the real exam. The questions were an accurate reflection of those included in the real exam and had very helpful explanations with ways in which to improve exam technique.

Camille Christle

Without MedEntry I don't think that I would've come close to achieving the result that I did in the HPAT. I invested all of the time that I spent preparing for the HPAT by studying the heaps of material provided by MedEntry, specifically the practice exams and solutions. With in depth solutions to every exam and drill, it gives you an insight into how you are required to think when it comes to approaching the various sections in the HPAT exam. I would highly recommend MedEntry for anyone who is sitting the HPAT and wishes to maximise their chances in successfully obtaining a place in medicine in Ireland.

Master the Online Platform
and you will master the HPAT

Don’t just practice HPAT questions. Develop advanced skills that will give you the capability and confidence to ace HPAT.

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