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Online export support is included in Premium and Comprehensive packages, and those students with Weekly Classes. Students with these packages can send us an email with the details, and request help with any specific question or resource on the MedEntry platform and an expert online tutor will respond.. This allows students to obtain expert help with difficult HPAT questions and concepts, which is invaluable for learning.

In contrast, online package students can only access help with specific questions and resources from other MedEntry students (via community forums and discussion on the online learning platform).
All students who have any package with MedEntry can contact the office for any general queries about HPAT preparation and medical entry.

You will be given access to your materials as soon as payment is confirmed. If you are paying by credit/debit card, you can expect to gain access immediately. If you are paying by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Bank Draft, you will normally gain access within five working days (depending on how quickly payment is received), to allow time for processing.


You can preview the types of questions you will be receiving from our free resources page.

We also have a half length practice exam which you can access through the OLP for free.


The Online Learning Platform (OLP) is far superior to printed 'booklets'. There are a number of reasons why MedEntry chooses to provide material via an online based system:

1. Online learning enables MedEntry to provide students with online forums, Eureka! trainers, drills, calendar etc which would not be available if materials were distributed as hard copies. Students find these services very useful - for example, the online forums allow students to engage in discussions and learn actively.

2. There is well over ten thousand pages of material on the OLP. Printing and sending this out to all of our students would be very expensive and would mean we would have to raise the prices of the packages substantially - something we don't want to do. Electronic rather than paper delivery is also planet-friendly and saves millions of trees.

3. Online learning means that your exams are marked instantly by computer, feedback is provided immediately and your score is compared to all other MedEntry students to give you a percentile ranking. This is how the ACER assesses you: they compare you with other students and provide percentiles (the raw score or the number of questions you get right, is irrelevant). The percentile ranking gives you a good idea about how you are performing compared to other students. This is definitely NOT possible with hard copy (paper) format. This is a major advantage of the OLP.

4. There are numerous other benefits of an OLP as opposed to hard copy material. For example, after completing a test, you can view the proportion of students who chose different options for each question, and the proportion of students who chose the option that you did (presented in a bar graph), which will give you an indication of your strengths and weaknesses in various types of questions and the types of questions other students find difficult. You will also be able to see the time taken by other students to complete each section compared to you, amongst many such useful features. Such interactive, real time information is impossible with hard copy material.

Having data on % of students choosing each option is very useful: for example you not only need to know the right ways of reasoning but possible wrong ways of reasoning; if a high proportion of students choose an option which is incorrect, you need to think about what errors in reasoning they would have made to arrive at that option which is what ACER does (trying to read your mind).

5. From 2014, the structure of the HPAT has changed in the sense that each Construct (or Section) is not being timed separately. So, in the new structure currently in place, it is extremely important that you can identify your weakest Construct, so that you can work on it and spend more time on that Construct in the actual test. You cannot identify your weakest Construct from the proportion of questions you answered correctly in each Construct. It is only possible if your answers are compared with other HPAT cohort on the OLP.

6. MedEntry’s Learning Management System allows you to access your products immediately (as soon as payment is received). There is no need to wait for your materials to arrive by post.

7. MedEntry’s system allows you to access your products anytime, anywhere and any place in the world with an internet connection. Further, your HPAT Prep materials cannot be misplaced or lost as hard copy materials can.

8. The dynamic nature of the MedEntry's latest OLP technology tailored to the HPAT means that we are able to provide updates expeditiously and throughout the year. This means that we can make changes in our preparation material to reflect the latest changes in HPAT. This would not be possible if the materials were paper-based. It's no wonder that MedEntry was voted as the program which best simulates HPAT.

9. MedEntry's Online learning uses the most advanced 21st century technology. Most reputable universities are now moving to this medium since there are several advantages. A meta-analysis published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (10 September 2008) found internet-based learning was associated with large positive effect. "Internet based education permits learners to participate at a time and a place convenient to them, facilitates instructional methods that might be difficult in other formats, and has the potential to tailor instructions to individual learners' needs," the authors said.

Virtually all medical school courses at all universities are now ‘Online’, so there is no need to attend the classes every week and only a small minority do!


You will not be able to print the materials and practice exams on the OLP for copyright reasons. There has been significant breaches of copyright law, and hence we have been compelled to make our materials unprintable.


You can attempt each practice exam only once, to ensure feedback provided is reliable and accurate. However, you can re-attempt questions you answered incorrectly up to four times. Also, you can review all questions, answers and worked solutions as many times as you wish.

You can attempt practice questions and other resources as many times as you like.


You can enrol in MedEntry at any time, and in any year of schooling or university. Your enrolment is valid from the date that payment is made until the end of the date of HPAT (please see 'How long do I have access to the OLP for?' for more information).

Note that the earlier you enrol, the earlier you gain access to all your materials and longer you will be able to prepare. Earlier enrolment also gives you greater choice of workshop dates.

However, if you are focussed and willing to work hard, you can improve your performance in the HPAT even if you enrol in MedEntry's HPAT preparation package very close to the HPAT test date.

ACER do however limit registration to sit the HPAT. Students must be in their final year of schooling or older to be able to sit the exam.


Unless you have enrolled in a multiyear package, you will have unlimited access to the online learning platform until the day of the HPAT test (usually in late February). At this time, access to the HPAT resources will be suspended. You will continue to have access to the University Admissions resources until after the admissions process (in August of the year following the HPAT).

  1. Students' time during their final year of schooling is at a premium. Students have to juggle many activities: study for school/university exams; work experience; co-curricular activities etc. Online weekly grinds are efficient and effective.
  2. You don't have to waste time travelling to the venue every week. For example, students have commented: 'MedEntry uses time more effectively and recognises that students don't have the time to attend 2-3 hour sessions over many days'.
  3. Not only will you save time on travel, but there is no stress of driving/catching public transport.
  4. Students who are reluctant to ask questions, make comments or contribute to discussions in face to face grinds are much more comfortable doing so online - research shows learning effectiveness is enhanced significantly.
  5. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of the online learning platform (questions, guides or other resources), you can email MedEntry and our online tutors will respond promptly.
  6. The number of students in MedEntry online weekly grinds is kept low (can be as few as ten students) so that we can ensure personal attention and tuition and maximise interaction.
  7. MedEntry HPAT courses bring together students from geographically diverse parts of Ireland (and often from other countries in Europe), into a confined room for several hours over a few days. There is a lack of venues with appropriate air filtration systems and adequate ventilation required to minimise the spread of respiratory illnesses such as Covid-19.

  8. A lesson from the covid-19 pandemic is that close contact with others is likely to lead to various infections such as influenza. In your critical year at school/uni, you can't afford to get sick. With online sessions you can learn as effectively in a risk free environment at, home.

  9. Any missed classes can be made available to review on MedEntry's Online Platform.
  10. The Weekly Grinds are ideal for students who would benefit from motivation and encouragement in what can be a difficult and complicated process. These classes can be attended from the convenience and comfort of your own home. 
  11. In fact the Tutors and lecturers are vastly superior in online classes because we can get the best from anywhere in the world rather than being restrained to recruiting them from a particular city as in the case with 'bricks and mortar' classes.
  12. Attending the MedEntry HPAT Workshop and the MedEntry weekly grinds for HPAT is a unique opportunity for many reasons. Never before would you have attended a class where your peers are from all over Ireland and Europe. This is also the only opportunity for you to check out your competition: motivated and able students from all over Ireland and EU. Remember that your scores on the live HPAT will be compared with this cohort.

There is no difference between live-online and the traditional (in-centre) programs. Quality of teaching and learning, the educators, content, real-time support and high quality delivery of the course programs are exactly the same. The only difference is where the student is seated.

Virtually all medical school lectures at all universities are now ‘Online’. There is no need for physical presence every week and only a small minority do attend!


The MedEntry Team has extensive interview expertise and knowledge of the types of questions likely to arise at each university, which we use to provide you with focussed training.

Our interview guide comes with all of our packages, or can be purchased separately. It is packed with information on interview technique, common themes in health science interviews and how to tackle specific questions that will be asked.

Students attending a HPAT course will have an afternoon of interview preparation to get them started. Remember, interviews cannot be 'crammed' for; you need to start thinking about them and developing skills early.

  • Good services are seldom cheap, and cheap services are seldom good
  • ACER charges €22 for just ONE practice exam. We offer ten practice exams, at least 10,000 practice questions, numerous other resources and a two-day HPAT Course. Further, all our questions have fully worked solutions, and all our practice exams provide you with a percentile ranking, so you know where you stand. Overall, MedEntry is much cheaper than ACER, and it provides better quality resources.

  • Many people think the packages are a bargain for what you receive – access to numerous and valuable resources which not only help with HPAT, but develop important life skills. Compare this to universities, which charge over €1000 for just one subject each semester, on top of €3000 they receive from the Government for each subject: ie., universities get a massive €100,000 for a three year degree! (some from you and rest from the government).
  • High level of expenses (eg. website/OLP hosting, IT & Legal costs, researchers, consultants, intellectual property, staff salaries, costs for scholarships/prizes, accreditation and other regulatory expenses, Fixed and Variable costs)
  • When you consider potential savings (saving over €280,000 for a full fee place or lost career as a health professional, which you cannot put a price on), the cost of our services is negligible. Please note that GAMSAT courses are at least triple these prices!
  • Other benefits of HPAT preparation include enhanced study and higher order thinking skills, an improved Leaving Certificate score (especially in English) and the development of generic skills (critical thinking, problem solving, logical and abstract reasoning, interpersonal skills etc.) which are invaluable for high school, tertiary study and throughout your life.

South Koreans spend 12% of their disposable income on coaching (equivalent to about €4000 per year in Ireland). The expense of educating children for "the test" is one reason why South Korean women give birth to so few of them resulting in lowest fertility rate in the OECD (The Economist, 26/10/13, page 14). The proportion of income spent on coaching for tests in Australia, is very small compared to other countries.

Please note that MedEntry offers several discounts.


The best way to access the OLP from your phone is to use the new MedEntry Smartphone App, compatible with all iOS and android devices.

Through the app you will be able to access all the drills, guides and forums found on the OLP.

In order for your OLP progress to sync between the app and the desktop OLP, please launch the OLP through your browser first and accept our terms and conditions.

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Unlike other HPAT companies, MedEntry offers personalisation in Teaching and Learning. That is, our Preparation is highly personalised.

Other companies do not personalise or if they do, they do so only in teaching or learning, but not both.

MedEntry's HPAT training is "Preparation made personal":

  • In learning by personalising the online learning platform, which uses artificial intelligence to target your weaknesses.
  • In teaching via small classes in our workshops, weekly classes, and one-one tutoring (offered face to face and virtually).

We offer two main types of personalised tutoring:

  • Face-to-face HPAT tutoring: This is available exclusively as part of the Diamond package, and is available in all major cities and towns across Ireland. If you are not enrolled in the Diamond Package and wish to access face to face HPAT tutoring, you can do so by upgrading to the Diamond Package.
  • Virtual HPAT tutoring: This service can be added on to a Platinum or Online package, and is available across Ireland and the world.

You will receive a total of ten one hour sessions of one-on-one tutoring. Further HPAT tuition sessions can be arranged at additional cost. HPAT tutors will also be available for support via phone and email between sessions. The location and exact timing of the HPAT tutoring is negotiable between you and your HPAT tutor.

All our HPAT tutors have performed exceptionally well in HPAT (and often their Leaving Cert too), and have been trained by MedEntry.


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