Frequently Asked Questions

HPAT Headstart Packages

The Online, Platinum and Diamond packages run for a maximum of one HPAT cycle (usually from the start of March to the end of February each year). A Headstart package covers more than one HPAT cycle, i.e. it starts from the moment of purchase and continues until the end of your HPAT testing period.

Headstart packages are available for 4th and 5th year students. If you are in a year level younger than 4th year and wish to start your HPAT preparation, please contact us to arrange a tailored / personalised Headstart package.

The cost of a Headstart package depends on how long it is until your HPAT testing date. The cost varies depending on what year you order the package, and what time of year you purchase. It also depends on the package that you choose. You can find details of pricing on our Headstart packages page.

Headstart packages all have inbuilt discounts applied. Therefore, it is not possible to apply an additional discount to Headstart packages.

The prices of the Headstart packages are set to provide the best inbuilt discount. Furthermore, you will be protected against any price increases that may occur in future. With one purchase, you can be assured that you will be provided with the best possible value preparation up until your HPAT testing date.

Yes, you can purchase other services at any time. Please log into your MedEntry account and click onĀ My Purchases and then Extra Purchase Options

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