Timeline for Medical Entry 2021-2022

Timeline for Medical Entry 2021-2022

6 months ago by Christopher

Getting into medicine is a complex process. It’s not just about your academic performance, you also need to succeed in HPAT. There are many important deadlines that you must not miss if you are to enter your dream course. This blog outlines the key dates and tasks so you can ensure you keep on track! 





As soon as possible

No set deadline, but the earlier you commence HPAT preparation, the better

Check you are studying the required prerequisite subjects

Commence your HPAT preparation

5th November 2021 (12 noon) – 1st Feb (5.15pm)

CAO online applications

Application window to the CAO (apply by 20th January to avail of the discounted application fee)

Mid November 2021 – 21st January 2022

HPAT Registrations via the ACER website

Visit https://hpat-ireland.acer.org to register to sit HPAT

Ensure that you have both registered to sit HPAT and have valid ID

HPAT - Ireland: A student’s experience

A student’s experience sitting HPAT online

2nd February (5.15pm)

Deadline for Late HPAT registrations

Additional late fee applies


4th February (5.15pm)

Deadline for Exceptional Late HPAT registration

Additional late fee applies


18th – 21st February

HPAT takes place


1st May (5pm) – 1st July (5pm)

Online CAO change-of-mind facility

Consider amending course choices and preferencing of universities – here are 9 factors to consider when choosing a medical school

8th June - 28th June

Leaving Certificate written exams take place

On the day of the of the last written paper, applicants who sat the HPAT in February receive results so that they can use these marks to make their final consideration of course choice before July 1st CAO deadline.

30th June - 16th July Deferred Leaving Cert exams For students affected by COVID-19 / symptoms of COVID-19, family bereavement, serious medical condition

Late June

HPAT results released

Check your email for notification of results and interpret them

Consider changing your CAO course choices based on your HPAT results

2nd September

Leaving Cert results released

Results are delivered to schools and are available online

8th September - 11th October

CAO releases offers in rounds 1 - 5

Check online as the closing date for acceptance will be within a few days

Celebrate your success and read about how to prepare for medical school!

7th October

Leaving Cert appeals results released

Final offers of places by the CAO made


As you can see, there is a lot to do! It can all feel overwhelming, but being organised and recording important dates in your calendar will ensure that you do not miss important deadlines. Best of luck on your journey to become a doctor!


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