Should I attend a MedEntry HPAT workshop?

Should I attend a MedEntry HPAT workshop?

1 month ago by Christopher

MedEntry workshops have become famous over the years for their engaging, effective and enjoyable nature. You may be wondering whether you should attend a MedEntry HPAT workshop. The answer is a resounding yes! Here are three reasons why:


MedEntry HPAT Workshops are Comprehensive

MedEntry HPAT workshops cover everything you need to know for HPAT success, including:

  • Detailed HPAT strategies and techniques, allowing you to answer each type of HPAT question quickly and accurately

  • HPAT example questions for hands-on experience

  • Motivational teaching that makes the whole HPAT process feel clearer and less intimidating

  • Advice from current medical students who have excelled in the HPAT

  • The opportunity to interact with motivated and highly able MedEntry students from all over Ireland and the world who have similar goals and passions

The aim of MedEntry HPAT workshops is to make you a HPAT expert! You’ll gain essential HPAT advice that you won't hear anywhere else.


MedEntry HPAT Workshops are run by the World Expert in HPAT

Every H[AT Workshop is run by Dr Ann, a highly awarded consultant Dermatologist. Dr Ann has helped thousands of students into medicine over a period of two decades. She is the world expert in HPAT and medical entry in Ireland.

Each MedEntry HPAT workshop provides an opportunity for Q&A, allowing you to ask Dr Ann any questions you may have about HPAT and medical entry.


MedEntry HPAT Workshops are Fun, Engaging and Interactive

We believe that preparing for HPAT should be fun! All HPAT workshops are carefully crafted to ensure they are engaging and effective. Here are some comments from students who have attended a MedEntry HPAT Workshop so far this year:

  • Dr. Ann’s enthusiasm was infectious and inspirational. Would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone sitting the HPAT. It opened my eyes to different techniques for approaching questions and helped me to realise that there’s no one formula for every question but that a flexible approach is key. Thanks Dr Ann for providing such a positive experience!
  • This was a very helpful and comprehensive talk about the HPAT. I found Dr. Ann to be a very motivating character. She gave us ample practice questions throughout the talk, and used the anonymous polling function to its maximum potential. She encouraged questions throughout the talk. I would highly recommend this talk to anyone that has the slightest desire to sit the HPAT. (Very worthwhile, even though I spent the first 2 days of my mid term on this). Mind you this workshop took place virtually in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. I can only imagine how much more helpful this talk would have been if it took place in person!
  • Absolute awesome experience. This workshop really helped boost my confidence in myself and instilled in me the skills to do well for my HPAT. If you are determined to do medicine without a doubt I’d recommend using MedEntry.
  • I really enjoyed my HPAT MedEntry Preparation workshop and found the online LMS invaluable. I learned that HPAT isn’t as scary as I once thought or as impossible. Dr. Ann was so helpful throughout the workshop and I look forward to carrying out her skills and tips through to Test Day. Thank you.
  • Such an amazing course, honestly had my doubts since it was going to be run online but i was very pleasantly surprised, Dr. Ann ran the course so well, it never once felt isolating or anti social, the tips and strategies we were given were top notch. I feel so much more confident going into the HPAT now that i’ve completed this course.
  • Dr. Ann was remarkable. I would advise anyone wishing to pursue a career in medicine to enrol for the workshop. She explained all of the key HPAT techniques and strategies, while also being incredibly motivating and encouraging. Her advice was greatly appreciated. Awesome! 
  • Thank you Dr Ann and MedEntry this was a very useful course and I really enjoyed it. It was full of great strategies and motivational tips. Also gave great insight into entry into medicine and the routes I can take. It made me feel more prepared and makes me believe that I can get there!
  • Throughout this 2-day workshop, I truly became more motivated, and I understood the importance of believing in yourself and having the positive mindset of "Everything is achievable if you put in the work and time!!" Besides that, I found the Tips and Tricks to ace the HPAT questions to be very, very helpful!! Thank you so much Dr. Ann for this great workshop!


Don’t leave HPAT to chance. Give yourself the opportunity to excel in HPAT and secure a place in your dream course.



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