MedEntry's Comprehensive HPAT Medical Entry Handbook is Now Available, FREE!

MedEntry's Comprehensive HPAT Medical Entry Handbook is Now Available, FREE!

11 months ago by Chris

If you’re a student, parent or teacher and looking for a great resource to help you navigate all the steps in your path into medicine then check out the MedEntry HPAT Handbook.  MedEntry's updated, 70 page, comprehensive HPAT Handbook is now available, absolutely free! It covers everything you need to know about medical entry, including pathways into medicine, how to prepare for HPAT, and university admissions information.

The handbook is divided into four key parts:


Part 1: How to get into medicine

This section covers how to get into medicine and dentistry in Ireland. It includes the criteria used, various entry pathways, what you need to do now to secure your place in medicine, and a suggested timeline. 




Part 2: The Health Professions Admission Test (HPAT)

This section covers everything you need to know about HPAT. It includes information on structure, timing and scoring of each HPAT section. It even delves into the nitty gritty of each HPAT section, with example questions and clearly set out solutions for every type of HPAT question within each of the three HPAT sections (Section 1: Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving; Section 2: Interpersonal Understanding; Section 3: Non-Verbal Reasoning).

This section also covers strategies for approaching each HPAT section, and advice on how to prepare for HPAT effectively and efficiently. It also covers HPAT scoring in detail, including what type of HPAT score you’ll need to get into medicine.




Part 3: University Admissions

This section includes information on the pre-requisites  and minimum entry requirements for universities that offer undergraduate medicine in Ireland, in an easy to follow table format.




Part 4: What makes MedEntry different?

Choosing the right HPAT preparation organisation is one of the most important decisions you will make and can be critical in determining your success in entering medicine / dentistry.  This section covers how MedEntry can help you get into medicine. It includes information on our services (including free resources) that are available to assist you on your medical entry journey. This section also describes the resources we provide to teachers in helping students in their journey into medicine.




Don’t miss out on your chance to obtain valuable information on HPAT and medical entry – download the handbook now!



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