HPAT test tactics and preparation part 8: staying cool under pressure for the HPAT exam

8 years ago by Tom

With HPAT 2014 looming on the horizon, we thought we would address the issue of nerves and anxiety that can happen on HPAT test day. Below is a simple check list of HPAT test tactics that you can utilise to overcome this HPAT pressure and tips on how to tackle the actual HPAT exam itself.

Firstly, don’t doubt yourself! Just because you don’t feel like you’ll be at the top, doesn’t mean you’ll be at the bottom either. Assuming you have sufficiently prepared for the HPAT, you are at no disadvantage to any other student sitting the HPAT exam.

Remember, every candidate is feeling the same pressure as you: if everyone is nervous, no one is nervous. What will make you rise above the rest and obtain those higher HPAT test scores, will be your ability to harness this pressure and use it to your advantage in the HPAT exam.

Test Tactics in the actual HPAT exam:

      1. Answer what you know and know well first. Don’t dwell on a particular question!
      1. If you don’t know the answer or how to obtain the answer, having read through and considered the question several times, re-reading over and over again will achieve nothing. Time wasted is time lost. Choose the option that seems most likely right or, if you absolutely must, make an educated guess, and move on.
      1. If you know how to answer a question, but know also that the calculations needed to obtain the answer will be lengthly, move on. Overall, the quantity of -questions answered correctly will have more impact than whether or not you have answered a more difficult question correctly.
      1. Mark questions where you were unsure about your answer OR you want to spend more time on them, so you have the option of returning to them later should time permit.
      1. Always mark an answer! If you do want to leave it for later, that’s fine- but choose something in case you should forget to return to that question or simply run out of time. It is very common for an entire answer sheet to fall to pieces because a student missed an answer and subsequently filled the right answers in the wrong boxes for the remainder of the HPAT test.
      1. With one minute remaining make sure you have filled in an answer for EVERY QUESTION- it would be a shame to lose marks when you have a one in four or one in five chance of getting the answer correct for multi-choice questions.

For more specific HPAT advice and general HPAT tips, check out the rest of our 'HPAT test tactics and preparation' series by MedEntry HPAT preparation.

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