HPAT Score Calculator

HPAT Score Calculator

3 years ago by Tom

MedEntry is delighted to launch our new HPAT score calculator. This HPAT score calculator allows easy calculation of how many Leaving Certificate points and what HPAT score you need to get into medicine.

Access the calculator here: https://www.medentry-hpat.ie/hpat-and-leaving-certificate-calculator

There are three easy steps to using the HPAT score calculator:


Step 1: Enter Total Desired Points

Start by entering the total combined points you are aiming for (combination of your HPAT score and adjusted Leaving Cert score). This could be the entry requirement last year for the university of your choice. For example, UCD required 736 points in 2019 for entry into medicine.

Note that points required for entry into university vary each year and can go up or down.


Step 2: Enter HPAT points or Leaving Cert points

Enter either your achieved or predicted points for HPAT or the Leaving Cert. Note that you should enter your unadjusted Leaving Cert points – the HPAT score calculator will adjust your Leaving Cert points for you.


Step 3: Click Calculate

You will be shown the number of Leaving Cert points or HPAT score required to achieve your desired points.


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