HPAT 2023 will run ONLINE! Here's what you need to know

HPAT 2023 will run ONLINE! Here's what you need to know

1 month ago by Christopher

HPAT traditionally takes place in paper and pencil format. However, due to the COVID pandemic, HPAT ran online for the first time ever in 2021. In 2022, HPAT also ran online, and ACER has confirmed that HPAT 2023 will run online as well.

This blog summarises what you need to know.


HPAT 2022 will take place online

Like HPAT 2021 and HPAT 2022, HPAT 2023 will take place online. This means that students will sit HPAT using their own computer (which has an internet connection) in a private location, such as their home.


HPAT 2022 will be remotely proctored

Like HPAT 2021 and 2022, HPAT 2023 will be ‘remotely proctored’ or supervised. This involves a supervisor, who is located remotely, helping you register for the test (by checking your identification and ensuring that your testing environment and equipment is suitable), providing you with access to the HPAT exam and ensuring that you do not break any exam rules.

HPAT 2023 will be remotely proctored by a company called ProctorU. For an idea of how remote proctoring works, check out this video:



HPAT 2023 will run across several days

The HPAT exam is traditionally held on the last Saturday morning in February. HPAT 2022 ran online and took place over four days, (on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday in late February) while HPAT 2021 was held over three days. ACER has not yet confirmed exact testing dates for HPAT 2023. There will be various dates and time slots to choose from.

Once registrations for HPAT 2023 open (normally in early November), students will be able to choose their preferred testing date and time. It is recommended that students choose a time that is most suitable for them – for example, if you are a ‘morning’ person, you should choose a morning slot. If you work better in the afternoons, choose an afternoon slot. It is also recommended that students test earlier in the cycle (for example, on the Friday) rather than on the Monday. This will allow ample time for resits if any technical issues arise.


You will need certain equipment to sit HPAT 2023

To sit HPAT 2023, you will need the following equipment:

  • A computer or laptop (tablets and mobile phones are not acceptable)

  • A stable internet connection

  • 2 pieces of A4 sized scratch paper and a pencil, eraser and sharpener; or a small erasable whiteboard and marker pen

  • Acceptable and valid identification

  • A mirror or other reflective device to show your proctor your testing room

You are allowed to have with you a clear water bottle (without labels attached) but you are not allowed to have any food or other drinks, unless for pre-approved medical reasons.


Further information will be released later in the year

Once registrations open for HPAT 2023 (normally in November), ACER will release further information about HPAT 2023. MedEntry will also provide updates to students via our newsletter and social media pages.


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