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As you may have heard, HPAT 2023 will run online. There have been some updates to HPAT 2023 which will be outlined in this blog.

ACER has recently published the 2023 HPAT Information Booklet, accessible on the ACER website, which describes how HPAT 2023 will run in detail: https://hpat-ireland.acer.org/files/HPAT_Information_booklet_2023_Final.pdf

Here are three important things you should know:


1. HPAT will run from 17-25 February 2023

The dates for HPAT 2023 have been released. HPAT will run from Friday 17th to Saturday 25th February 2023. The vast majority of candidates will sit HPAT from Friday 17th to Monday 20th February. 21, 22 and 25 February will be reserved for candidates who encounter technical difficulties and need to sit HPAT on an alternative date. Only ACER can schedule sessions on 21, 22 and 25 February, after being informed of any technical issues occurring at the initial HPAT testing session.

HPAT will be conducted online via remote proctoring, and candidates will select a time and day that suits them. For more information on how HPAT will run, check out our blog.


2. Registrations to sit HPAT are now open

Registrations to sit HPAT are now open. You can register for HPAT by visiting the ACER HPAT-Ireland website: https://hpat-ireland.acer.org/registration

The timeline for HPAT 2023 registration will be as follows:

Date Action
November - late January Register to sit HPAT via the ACER website
Early December Create ProctorU account and book HPAT testing session
January Download ProctorU extension
Late January Download ACER test app
Late February Sit HPAT

Once bookings open for HPAT testing sessions (in early December) you should book your preferred testing date and time as soon as possible, as popular dates and times do book out. You will need to create an account on ProctorU (the remote proctoring company that will supervise candidates sitting HPAT) in order to book a testing session. 


3. Changes to HPAT timing and number of questions

There has been a change to the timing and number of questions for candidates sitting HPAT 2023. The new timings are as follows:

              OLD             NEW

Number of Questions

Time in minutes

Number of questions

Time in Minutes

Section 1





Section 2





Section 3






As you can see there has been a slight reduction in the number of questions for section 1 (from 44 to 42 questions), and the time has also reduced (from 65 minutes to 60 minutes). There has been a slight reduction in the time per question allowed (from 88 seconds to 86 seconds).

There has been an increase in the number of questions in section 2 (from 36 questions to 42 questions), with an increase in the timing (from 45 minutes to 50 minutes). There has again been a slight reduction in the time per question allowed (from 75 seconds to 71.5 seconds per question).

HPAT Section 3 will remain unchanged.

ACER states that these changes have been made because "HPAT–Ireland has recently been reviewed after its move to computer-based delivery.... [the] minor adjustments better suit the new delivery mode."

MedEntry’s exams will be updated in the coming weeks to reflect these changes.

More information relating to HPAT 2023 will be available soon! 



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