Coronavirus and HPAT

Coronavirus and HPAT

3 years ago by Tom

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and rapid escalation of cases across Ireland, you may be wondering how this affects HPAT and medical entry. This blog answers some frequently asked questions.

Will coronavirus affect medical entry for 2020?

As HPAT 2020 took place in February, coronavirus will not affect students who have applied for medicine in 2020. The only change is that there will be a delay in the release of HPAT 2020 results until after the conclusion of Leaving Cert examinations, which have been delayed due to coronavirus. 

Will HPAT 2021 be proceeding?

HPAT 2021 will take place in February 2021. As the situation with coronavirus is evolving rapidly, it is very difficult to predict what the situation will be in February next year.

Students should proceed with the assumption that HPAT 2021 will proceed as planned, with all the usual deadlines. ACER will provide updates as they become available, and MedEntry will also be providing updates for our students.

Should I continue with my HPAT 2021 preparation?

Yes! We advise students to continue with their HPAT preparation. It is likely that HPAT 2021 will proceed as usual, and students will need to be well prepared for this difficult and competitive exam. Although coronavirus may lead to changes in when and how HPAT is administered, it will not be eliminated as a requirement for entry into medicine. Furthermore, HPAT tests skills that need to be developed over a period of time, so the preparation you do now will be important.

What is MedEntry doing with regard to coronavirus?

MedEntry has been preparing students for entry into medicine for over 20 years. We are prepared for any eventuality. Our extensive, global staff are continuing to work to provide the highest quality HPAT preparation in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic. This involves:

  • Allowing our staff to work remotely when necessary
  • Maintaining and extending our HPAT resources, to provide comprehensive HPAT preparation (in fact, we will shortly be launching a new Online Learning Platform theme, which will make HPAT preparation even more personalised and effective)
  • Continually monitoring the coronavirus situation and providing regular updates to our students

What else should I do?

This year is already a challenging and difficult one, without the added stress of a worldwide pandemic. It is very important that you look after your physical, mental and emotional health.

This includes minimising your chances of contracting coronavirus by:

  • Keeping your distance from others
  • Washing your hands frequently
  • Seeking advice if you become unwell or have come in contact with anyone with confirmed COVID-19 / coronavirus

It also includes:

  • Staying in touch with friends and family (via virtual means if necessary)
  • Eating well, sleeping well and exercising safely and regularly
  • Speaking to someone if you are feeling down or overwhelmed

We understand this is a stressful, difficult and uncertain time for our students. If you are in need of help or support, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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