Brand New, Innovative Features on MedEntry's HPAT Learning Platform!

Brand New, Innovative Features on MedEntry's HPAT Learning Platform!

1 year ago by Philippa

MedEntry is excited to have launched a new look Online Learning Platform for students sitting the HPAT in 2021. The new HPAT Platform is packed with innovative features to ensure that MedEntry students continue to receive the highest quality HPAT preparation available.

Here is a brief summary of some of the new features on the HPAT Online Learning Platform.


Interactive Study Planner

The MedEntry Interactive Study Planner allows you to easily create an effective HPAT study plan. It allows you to schedule your HPAT learning goals, including the dates when you plan to complete each MedEntry HPAT resource.

You can also receive reminder emails if the HPAT resources you have planned to complete are still outstanding as the due date is approaching.

A list of resources (including HPAT learning modules, HPAT drills, HPAT exams, exam retries and exam reviews) will appear on the left, and can be simply dragged onto the calendar:

The HPAT Study Planner can also be synchronised with most modern calendar applications, including Google, Outlook and Mac Calendars – all with a single click!


Analogue Clock Timer

In order to closely simulate the live HPAT, which only allows students to have an analogue watch, MedEntry’s HPAT Platform now contains an analogue clock timer: 

The timer will inform you of when the particular HPAT section ends, just like the live HPAT.


HPAT Student Community Portal

The new HPAT Online Learning Platform contains a Community Portal, where you can engage and interact with other MedEntry students.

The Community Portal includes the following features:


Weekly Question

Every Monday, a sample question for one of the HPAT sections will be displayed. MedEntry students can discuss their answers and reasoning for that HPAT question. The worked solution for the selected HPAT question will be displayed over the weekend.


Meme of the Month

Each month, MedEntry students can submit a meme on a pre-determined topic which is related to HPAT or medical entry. MedEntry students can also vote and comment on memes which have been submitted.

We encourage students to generate and submit a HPAT meme, and the student with the best submission each month will be provided with 5 extra exams free. If you already have MedEntry’s 5 extra HPAT exams, this part of your package will be refunded.


Skills Trainers

MedEntry is delighted to launch two new interactive skills trainers:


Arithmetic Trainer

This skills trainer allows you to practice your mental arithmetic by completing interactive, time-pressured puzzles. These skills are particularly valuable for Section 1 of the HPAT.

Speed Reading Trainer

The purpose of the Speed Reading trainer is to increase your reading speed, which is important for the HPAT. It will help you to reduce subvocalisation and increase your ability to 'chunk'.


Answer Option Popularity Indicators

When you review any HPAT practice drill or exam attempt on our new Online Learning Platform, you will now see a simple, graphical representation of how many students chose each multiple choice option:

This feedback will assist you in understanding common mistakes made by students in HPAT, and help you avoid them.


Track Progress page – performance graphs and activity calendar

MedEntry’s detailed Track Progress page contains even more personalised feedback:

  • Exam Performance: this graph shows your average HPAT percentile rankings across the HPAT exams you have completed. Clicking on a particular section will display another graph, outlining how your performance has changed over time:

  • Exam Question Performance: this graph demonstrates how you have performed at each particular question type from within the three HPAT sections, allowing you to easily target your weak areas.

  • Recent Test Results: this graph shows your overall HPAT percentile rankings in the full-length HPAT exams you have recently completed.

  •  Activity Calendar: this section displays a calendar with a history of HPAT resources you have completed on the MedEntry Online Learning Platform. This will help you easily monitor your HPAT preparation.

Click on a certain date in the calendar to see a more detailed breakdown of your HPAT preparation activity:

The new Online Learning Platform is just another way that MedEntry ensures our students receive the highest quality, most personalised HPAT preparation available.

If you have any feedback on these new features, we would love to hear from you! Happy preparing!


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