10 Tips for During the HPAT

8 years ago by Tom

You have rehearsed for this day for the past few months, so here are a few final tips that you have no doubt heard before. Here at MedEntry, we want to make sure that you have as smooth a HPAT experience as possible.

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1. Read and Think carefully

Consider all the choices in each question on the HPAT. Don't lose points on easy HPAT questions through careless mistakes.


2. Use your HPAT test booklet

Your HPAT answer sheet must be kept neat and free of stray marks, but you can mark up your HPAT test booklet. You can write whatever you want, wherever you want on it. However, you will not receive credit for anything written in the booklet. Below are some tips as to how to use your HPAT test booket:

  • Mark each question that you don't answer on the HPAT so that you can easily find it again
  • Draw a line through each choice as you eliminate it when working on a question on the HPAT
  • Mark important sections, sentences or words in the stimulus.
  • Make drawings to help you figure out word problems
  • Mark key information on the graphs
  • Add information to drawings and diagrams on the HPAT as you work on them


3. Check your answer sheet regularly to make sure you are in the right place

Losing your place on the HPAT answer sheet will affect your test results. Check that the number of the HPAT question and the number on the answer sheet matches every few questions. This is especially important when you skip a question on the HPAT.


4. Work at an even, steady pace, but keep moving

Don't spend too much time working through hard questions on the HPAT that you lose time to find and answer the easier questions on the HPAT. Try to work on less time-consuming questions before moving on to those that require more time. you can also save time on the HPAT by marking questions as you work on them and crossing out choices as you move through the HPAT.


5. Keep track of time during the HPAT

You have a total of 3 hours to complete the HPAT. Develop a habit of occasionally checking your progress through the HPAT. That way, you know when you are a quarter of the way through the time allotted, when you are half-way through the HPAT and when you only have 5 minutes left. If you have any time left over on the HPAT, use it to check your answers.


6. Know which questions on the HPAT are best for you

After practicing the different kinds of questions on the drills and practice HPAT exams in MedEntry HPAT Prep, you will probably know which type of questions you are most comfortable with. Some questions, you will find, will take you longer than others. It may help to begin with the type of questions you feel most comfortable with, rather than the very beginning of the booklet.

If you do adopt this tip, just be sure to mark in your HPAT test booklet which question you skipped so you can return to it.


7. Answer the easy questions on the HPAT first

Once you know where the easy and hard questions are on the HPAT, answer the easy questions before tackling the more time-consuming questions on the HPAT.


8. Think positively on the HPAT

Getting down on yourself during the HPAT does more than make you feel bad. It is taking away the confidence and support your body needs to solve problems. It can even distract you. Try to keep your confidence up, and focus on each question on the HPAT.

The HPAT aims to display what you know and can do. If you have prepared, you should feel good about yourself and your capabilities!


9. Stay focused on the HPAT

Ignore distractions during the HPAT. Think only of the question in front of you. If you catch yourself daydreaming, bring your focus back to the HPAT.


10. Never give up on the HPAT

Don't listen to the little voice in your ear that says "The HPAT is impossibly hard". Keep going no matter what.



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