MedEntry Alumni


The MedEntry alumni community is free to join and is available to certain past MedEntry students, staff and invited members only. Benefits include:


  • Opportunities for paid work with MedEntry
  • Resources to assist those at medical school and in postgraduate training programs
  • Mentorship and advice from successful trainee and practicing doctors
  • Discounts for family members

Become an Ambassador

Do you have a social media following? Would you like to create engaging content relating to HPAT, medical entry and MedEntry? We have an affiliates program that provides the opportunity for you to gain a commission from any new students that you direct to MedEntry. To apply, please fill out the form here.


We would also appreciate a short video testimonial outlining how MedEntry helped you achieve success, in order to spread the word about MedEntry. You can find examples from other students here. You will be reimbursed for your time in creating the video.


Mentorship and Advice

Senior doctors and academics involved with MedEntry can provide advice on any of the following matters:


  • Which university to choose for medical school
  • Study skills and how to succeed in medical school
  • How to survive and thrive as an intern
  • Which specialty program to pursue
  • How to succeed in postgraduate interviews and job applications
  • How to succeed as a specialist in training
  • How to start a private practice

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Discounts for alumni are offered for HPAT preparation packages for first-degree relatives of alumni.

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A free, open access medical education website designed to assist junior doctors. Provides podcasts, blogs and advice on career development.

The Junior Doctor Survival Guide

A thorough guide to everything you need to know to get through your internship and residency intact. Available as an ebook and in print:

Humerus Hacks

Podcasts created by a past MedEntry student and tutor, with an aim to help medical students with their study in a fun and memorable way. Available at: